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September 14, 2014 • I-bar NAS North Island


Letter from our Presidents

Spring is here!! Even with the wonderful weather we have in San Diego, there’s something better about spring.  Flowers are in bloom, the temperatures are just perfect and we aren’t in the dog days of summer yet.
Spring also means the Coronado Flower Show. By now you probably know that the Sand Dollar Shops are the primary reason NOSC is able to give so much to scholarships and charities.  The shop volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure we have beautiful merchandise available for purchase. The Coronado Flower show is the annual event where the shops showcase everything for the public.  Everything from the stores is made available at the two-day flower show and this event is not only a huge undertaking, but also an important one.  It raises necessary funds and awareness about who we are and what we do.
That all being said, what we need now, is YOU!  We need volunteers to help set up and take down our display at the Flower Show.  There is more information in the newsletter about how to contact Lisa Stoneman to volunteer.  Please consider lending a hand and helping to support us in this mission.
We continue to have a slate of fun events being planned…our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was a wild success and this month we have our annual Wine and Cheese Tasting.  The format this year is a bit different than previous years, with a true focus on wine and cheese pairings. It’s going to be a fantastic event.
We are also pleased to announce we have a full slate for the NOSC board for next year.  Many thanks to all who came to our “look and see” meeting last month.  The board continues to do great work and NOSC will be in great shape for 2014-2015.  With that, we look forward to seeing you at some of our monthly events!
Denise and Rosemary



2014-2015 NOSC Board Slate
Executive Board Officers
President:  Jean Kim
Vice President: Becca Nobles
Sand Dollar Director: Caryn Clausen
Secretary: Fari Bearman
Treasurer: Lisa Moellenberndt
Parliamentarian: Jenn Rentschler
Membership: Amanda Heinken
Communications: Christine Matusek
Publicity: Mary Norwood
Co-Event Coordinators:  Kat Brown and Dawn Garrigus
Charities: Angelica Wallace Hinds
Scholarships: Michelle Delanty
Welcome Social:  Mary Norwood and Cynthia Huntington

Just because the Executive Board is full for next year, we would still love to have more volunteers for the 2014-2015 NOSC team.  Please consider volunteering as one of our social group coordinators, helping out at the Sand Dollar Shops or joining a planning committee.  Your volunteer time is always welcome and greatly appreciated!




Life’s too short to not have fun!
Start living life now and join the Welcome Social Committee of 2014!
We are looking for spouses who want to have fun, enjoy planning events and are wanting to get involved with NOSC!
If this is you please email us at NOSCSandiego@gmail.com




We encourage you to take full advantage of your membership in NOSC this month--update your directory listing--why not add a photo? You can also join a new social group simply by adding it to your profile--once you do that, you will receive email announcements from that group!

For those of you leaving the area and no longer want to receive our emails, you are able to deactivate your membership online.  We will miss having you here in San Diego but wish you safe travels to all!

If you have any suggestions for improvements to your NOSC membership experience, please let us know!

You access the member section by logging on to www.noscsandiego.com.  Your email address is your login and you can reset your password if you have forgotten it. 


As a member of NOSC, you have access to our members-only section of the NOSC website.  Here you can access our calendar of events, set up your member profile  and view our member directory.  You can also edit your profile to make sure you’re getting information from the groups that interest you.  Want to find out what the Book Club or Recipe group is doing?  Check their box on your profile page and you’ll receive automatic updates!  This works for any of our social groups and is a great way to stay informed about activities.



"As military spouses, watching out for each other is what we do best.  That connection gives us strength, joy and comfort.  NOSC provides an opportunity for all of that and more – common interests to share, goals to achieve together, and the enormous satisfaction that comes from giving back."

- Judy Myers, Former Honorary Chairperson 
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